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ACI’s skilled craftsmen offer custom panel fabrication. We are known for precise wiring and documentation, point-to-point testing, on-time delivery, and competitive pricing. Several OEMs rely on us to produce panels of exceptional quality at an affordable price. We ship panels for OEMs all over the US.

Whether we design or build single or multiple panels, large consoles, or MCCs, we guaranty high quality, and reliability in design and production. Our team of expert panel designers and builders takes pride in producing panels with the utmost of care and attention to detail.

Our 12,000 SF shop area has a dedicated testing and staging area for power tests and factory acceptance testing (FAT’s). Our comprehensive, detailed test procedure includes a final inspection of all components, point-to-point and tug testing of every wire. No panel leaves our shop without testing by our engineering team -- thus reducing installation and start-up time.

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UL508A, 698A Hazardous location, IS and purged UL panel certification

ACI is certified to build numerous types of UL panels. Many panel shops can build to UL 508A (general purpose industrial panels) however very few have the expertise to build panels to UL specifications for hazardous environment (UL698A and UL NNNY). We have many years of experience designing and building panels for pharmaceutical pilot plants as both purged and pressurized as well as Intrinsically Safe (IS).

A project recently completed for a major pharmaceutical company consisted of 67 panels of varying sizes including main, HMI, remote I/O and portable equipment panels. Most panels were either purged and pressurized or IS. Our engineering and installation teams were all involved and provided for a successful start-up and project closeout.

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